27 Day Mandela Day Charity Challenge Beneficiaries


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Robben Island is a site of great beauty and rich with historical significance. Unfortunately our youth is not always able to experience this site and be exposed to the legacy recorded by the Robben Island Museum. This is really due to the lack of funding available to these learners.


Through the 27 Day Mandela Day Charity Challenge, we at the Takla Foundation intend to make a difference in the lives of under-privileged leaners. The funds raised through donations will be allocated to fund excursions to the island.



Did you know that girls across SA are missing 3-5 days of school every month when menstruating? 60% of women across South African simply cannot afford or do not have access to sanitary products. They often have to use unhygienic rags and cloths which puts them at the risk of infection. To avoid this embarrassment and inconvenience, many girls have to skip school on days they are menstruating... this adds up to almost a term per year missed!


Many schools across the country don't have adequate toilet facilities, so even for the girls that can afford pads it doesn't necessarily mean they can attend school. Consequently, many girls drop out of school - perpetuating the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and disempowerment.


One MCup is equal to at least 1200 pads or tampons. It's a reusable, durable solution that can hold up to 3 times more fluid than the average sanitary product. It's safe, easy to use and risk free - there's no risk of toxic shock syndrome.


The MCup is a 100% proudly South African product, made from medically approved silicon in an FDA approved facility. It provides an economical, sustainable and hygienic solution to basic sanitary needs.


Through the 27 day Mandela Day Charity Challenge, we at the Takla Foundation intend to provide 1000 with the opportunity to participate in this programme and have an MCup. Donate and make a difference in the life of a girl today.